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Top 5s:

After 4000 km on the road we thought maybe some of you are getting inspired and are planning your own trips already. To make things easier here are the top five s

Stretches we have done so far:

1: Luang Prabang --> Vang Vieng : Northern Laos

Beautifull Mountain passes, karst and...sore legs

2: Mu Chang Chai --> Tu Le : Northern Vietnam

Rice fields all around and people in the most amazing traditional clothing


3: Cat Ba Island --> Haiphong : Northern Vietnam

Leaving Cat Ba Island (in Ha Long Bay National Park) by bicycle was great, small villages, and karst mountains everywhere mixed with open views of the ocean


4: Ngamnga --> Oudomxai : Northern Laos

Starting as a bad dirt road rising to the top of a plain the road is a horseshoe around a mountain with spectacular views. When it finally drops in Muang Khua, the road is sealed and empty, and runs along the banks of the Nam Ou


5: Mahaxai --> Nasalo : Central Laos


Started the day staying at a friendly family that invited us to stay the nigth, we took of on a “National Highway” that ended up in very bad dirt roads, rivers without bridges, before finally being lined with Flags for the town of Nasalo where we enjoyed the festival (end ended up on the veranda of the village chief)

Top 5 places to stay:

1: Jumbo Guesthouse, Hongsa (N-Laos)


Our home away from home set in the middle of a beautiful plain, with Monica taking care of us

2: Khoun and Kon Guesthouse, Luang Prabang (N-Laos)


Lovely people operating a very laid back place with small cottages in the rice fields. Best food of Laos, an old army jeep, and some adventure getting there and away

3: Nasalo Village (Central Laos)


Arriving in the midst of a festival and being invited to crash on the veranda of the village chief with the res of the guests was overwhelming, Laos dancing quite a thing getting used to, but the village beautiful

4: Namnga (N-Laos)

Very tiny village with 2 very primitive guesthouses, we stayed at the riverbank and had a couple of BeerLaos, while the whole vilaage came bathing in the river and washing their cars/bikes/clothes, quite a spectacle

5: Kacham Water fall resort (N-Laos)

Just when you realise that it is about to get dark, you will not make it to the next town, and you can not stop every 5 km to pump your tire once again, you stop and find an old advertisement above your head of a waterfall resort. Not expecting anything, it turned out to be pretty nice!

Top 3 places to avoid:

1: Tianping, China

Only 1 "Guesthouse" that was filthy, and busses and trucks ride right through your room the whole night

2: Guiping, China

Just your average "business hotel" except for the policemen that came in, barked at us, took are passport, barked at us, and left.... not my style of being friendly and hospitable

3: Vang Sang Resort, Laos

Building idea was OK, execution bad, staff should consider a transfer to one of the above guesthouses.

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4000 - 4375 km: Cambodia

Looking at the map of Cambodia there are surpirsingly few roads in this country. From Phnom Phen to Angkor Wat there are 2 roads (north or Southbound around the massive Ton Le Sap Lake). You could say that it makes life easy, though it also means that ALL traffic to Angkor takes either one of these roads. So we tried to find some back roads, but they do not exist....everything branches on and off on the highway...not really bikers heaven.....

So, we ended up on Highway 6 for 312 km. The first few out of the city were bussy and not that interesting, though it changed once we got out for about 50 km.

Cambodia is flat as a pancake, and now in the dry season, VERY dry

We stopped in a village called Skun and found the local specialty on the market : Spiders!


The last day to Angkor we managed to set the day record to 161 km (beating a couple of 140's), like I said it's flat and with a little help of the wind.....

Towards Angkor the Highway is on top of the old Angkorian road, neatly done. The old bridges are still there and the highway just swirls around them!


Here is some impressions along the way






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4375 km: Angor, Mother of Temples

The only thing I wouldn't miss on all costs: Angkor Wat.

Here we are in a city that is exploding of new hotels, with a small old French Colonial Centre: Siem Reap (Siam / Thailand defeated).... wonder how Europe would have been now if we would have named our cities after the kingdoms that defeated eachother....

Angkor itself is a gigantic park with about 50 temples built out of Sanstone.... Now I know why the country is so flat!Every temple has consumed about 1 mountain of stone.

Angkor itself is the icon you know. I fell in love the temples around that are overgrown / fallen down and wake up the explorer in me.

What can I say:

Seam Reap:

Yesterday we saw a bunch of Old timers doing a rally from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi on more or less the same route as we did/do. So if biking is not your thing, and have a couple of ten thousand Sterling left, and you connect to the English Uper class, Why not join them on this "splendid adventure"...


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4375 km : 24 hours in Bangkok

Yeah I know it's been a while.

From Angkor we took a bus to the Border of Thailand because we were a little in a hurry. Glad we did because it was the worst road I seen on the trip so far..... Rumour hazard has it that the road is due for upgrading for a long time, though the local airline has paid some "red pcket money" to delay this so NO one will go by land and rather use the plane.... I see their point.

Anyway we crossed to border and picked up a bus to Bangkok. Good old Bangkok with the Khao San Road, the backpackers in Tahi Fishing pants, dreadlocks, colored hair, tattoo's all around. I wonder what these people do when back home...

We planned to stay for a while before heading south by train....when on the first morning we checked the trains, turned out that there was only one option: that same night! So within 24 hours we were cheating yet again....and taking the train.

We stopped of in a place called Lang Suan at 4.55 in the morning! waited for the sun to rise (a sight I do not witness that often, not even at Angkor Wat). From this tiny place we set of to cross the beautifull peninsular to the Andaman Coast.



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5000 km : Life’s a Beach

We followed the road along the coast down to Phuket.

We tried to follow some back roads to stay close to the beach. Apart from some bizarre forsaken Resorts that hadn’t been touched since the Tsunami we saw some beautiful stretches of Beach….. just see the pictures.


Best part here: the road ended unexpectedly and the “only way out” was the beach … could be worse…. So we headed to the beach and saw some flag further down. What we didn’t see was the small stream separating us from it….


Anyway we ended up with are bikes covered in sand on a terrace and asked the waiter, is this place connected with a road to the rest of the world? Just when he laid down some cutlery branded: “Le Meridien”….. so yeah the Mercedes and Proches at the front of this luxury resort had come here by road!!!

In Phuket we met up with my parents that are over for 10 days. Phuket was rather beautiful, busy and hilly. So after a days with hills in excess of 10 % we indulged ourselves in a resort with an “infinity pool”.



From there we crossed over to some smaller Islands and had the chance to show my parents “life on a bike for real”. We took local ferries, slept in a shabby bungalow on a beautiful beach and got lost many times: SUPER


Now we are in Krabi’s paradise….for those of you who do not know…YES it is beautiful:






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